4E exchange Provides One-Stop Trading for Global Assets:7 Major Product Systems of Cryptocurrency, Forex, US Stocks, and Commodities

Brand News 24 | March 27, 2024

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 27th Mar 2024 - In today's era of rapid financial technology advancement, the demand for trading platforms from investors is growing. They not only expect platforms to provide a secure, stable trading environment but also hope to access various financial products on the same platform to meet different risk preferences and investment strategies. 4E Financial Asset Trading Platform emerged against this backdrop, attracting global investors' attention with its rich product offerings and convenient trading methods.

Cryptocurrency Spot and Contracts:

In the digital age, cryptocurrencies have become a dark horse in the financial arena, leading the global financial revolution. 4E's cryptocurrency business covers spot and contract trading, offering users flexible and diverse trading methods. Users can swiftly and securely engage in spot trading of mainstream digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc., anticipating their value appreciation.

They can also participate in cryptocurrency futures contract trading, engaging in long and short trades without actually holding digital currencies, amplifying profits, and enjoying more investment opportunities.

4E exchange Provides One-Stop Trading for Global Assets:7 Major Product Systems of Cryptocurrency, Forex, US Stocks, and Commodities

Mini Contracts and Binary Options:

To meet the growing trading demand, 4E introduced Mini contracts and Chicken Dinner products, greatly enriching users' trading experiences. Mini contracts support leverage from 20 to 1000 times, expanding users' trading choices and providing more ways to utilize funds. With 1000x leverage, users can engage in larger-scale trades with smaller capital bases, thereby quickly achieving higher returns.

Chicken Dinner is a type of binary option, a simple and intuitive financial derivative. Its operation is straightforward, with relatively short expiration times. Traders don't need in-depth understanding of complex analysis or hold underlying assets; they simply predict whether the coin price will rise or fall at contract expiration. When opening positions, the page clearly displays traders' potential losses and returns, enabling them to better manage funds and risks.

4E exchange Provides One-Stop Trading for Global Assets:7 Major Product Systems of Cryptocurrency, Forex, US Stocks, and Commodities


The forex market is one of the largest and most liquid financial markets globally, and it's also a significant business for the 4E platform. Users can participate in forex trading through 4E, benefiting from fluctuations in exchange rates of different countries' currencies. The platform offers trading services for up to dozens of currency pairs, including major and minor pairs, supporting leverage from 25 to 400 times. Investors can engage in forex trading based on global economic conditions, monetary policies, etc., to profit from exchange rate fluctuations.

US Stocks:

US stocks have always been one of the hot assets pursued by global investors. 4E platform provides convenient access to US stock trading. Investors can buy and sell stocks of well-known American companies through the platform, including blue-chip stocks, growth stocks, and more, sharing in the fruits of the US economy. Whether investing in globally renowned tech giants or focusing on emerging industries, users can find desired stocks on 4E and achieve global asset allocation.

Stock Indices:

Stock indices are important indicators reflecting overall stock market trends, and they are also a trading service provided by the 4E platform. The platform offers trading services for major stock indices globally, such as the S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, Dow Jones Industrial Average, as well as indices from major economies like the UK, France, Germany, Japan, etc. Investors can engage in index trading to participate in global stock market fluctuations in a more robust manner.


The commodities market covers multiple sectors, including energy, metals, agricultural products, etc. 4E provides diversified trading opportunities for commodities, allowing investors to participate in the trading of commodities such as oil, gold, silver, sugar, coffee, etc., through the platform. This enables flexible portfolio allocation to cope with changes in different markets.


With the dynamism of the cryptocurrency sector, the vast potential of the forex market, the enduring appeal of US stocks, the efficient trading of Mini contracts and Chicken Dinner, the flexible combination of stock indices and stocks, and the diverse selection of commodities, 4E offers a one-stop trading solution for global investors, becoming the ideal destination for investors to explore high-quality global assets. In the future, with continuous technological innovation and market expansion, 4E will continue to maintain its leading position in industry innovation, creating more value choices for global investors.

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